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Top 6 important things hoteliers should know to attract corporate travelers

Updated: May 5, 2018

Top 6 important things hoteliers should know to attract corporate travelers

Traveling in business sector had a massive increase last years. The question is what business travelers really need from such a trip? Amistad Partners, as a hotel representation company specialized in sales and marketing, provides insight into the hotel and agents for the needs of the corporate traveling!

Hotel Managers and travel agents have to focus on what benefits can be provided to corporate travelers. Most of the companies nowadays due to global trading they are looking for hotels and agents that can cooperate together in order to offer their employees the best traveling experience. This a real reason why a hotel or even an agent need a hotel representation company like ours. Amistad Partners works with both hotel partners and travel agents to put together the offer which will attract corporate travelers.

Corporate travelers and especially the millennial ones have higher expectations than any other kind of possible client. If you are going to have a quick look through job positions on LinkedIn, most of the companies have one main requirement, available for travel. This is because global business travel is on the rise and has expanded into new markets. According to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), spend on global business travel has increased 38% since 2009.

Taking into consideration this massive increase in business travel, what are the requirements for someone that will travel for work? What do business travelers really want from a hotel? Amistad Partners as a hotel sales consultant has the answers!

After several polls that American express proceeds the answers, in order of preference, were:

1. Breakfast

Good breakfast is for champions. Usually, this category of people wants to have a nice breakfast since their scheduling is difficult. The best you can offer is an unlimited and free breakfast in their package.

2. Free Wi-Fi

Even if you are not a corporate traveler, Wi-Fi is a must. And a high speed Wi-Fi should be available as per latest trend in the hotel industry.

3. Late Checkout

Due to several timings of the flights, any business traveler needs to have the flexibility of checking out from the hotel.

4. Room upgrade

They want to have the luxury of traveling for business. Most of the corporate travelers tend to upgrade their hotel rooms often.

5. Early Check-In

Once again, due to the variation of flights’ schedule, early check-in is that extra thing you can offer to your customer as a luxurious hotel that is aware of the several sales and marketing factors of the hotel industry.

6. Make it personal

Most of the corporate travelers are coming from a different nationality, age, and gender. The hotel has to provide a personal touch to each of the corporate travelers to make their stay a memorable one from their hectic business meetings.

What matters for business travelers is the experience will get from their arrival to their departure. Hoteliers need to be aware of the top 6 preferences of the business travelers. All corporate travelers want to have benefits when they are traveling. They want to feel the exclusivity of being a corporate traveler. This is what we call hotel sales and marketing. If you give to the traveler what they need, they will reward you back with good reviews and often use your hotel for their next meeting.

Amistad Partners as a hotel representation company we provide sales and marketing support for independent hotels globally. To find out more about our services and how we can help your hotel generate incremental revenue, get in touch for more details at

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