Our industry leading technology AP Digital provide

real-time reporting, data analytics, statistics and more.


We deliver real time reporting, providing full transparency and unrivalled accountability.

A Unique Approach

We utilise the latest technology to ensure that our partners stay at the forefront of ever-changing usage of CRM and IT systems.

AP Digital is truly transformative in how Amistad Partners does business, technology is integral to the AP business and we hope you can join us in this truly disruptive, transformative and exciting experience.

Reports shown in AP Digital are:

Sales Activity Reports

Business Leads

RFP Dashboard

Revenue Dashboard


Submit New RFP

Opportunity Leads

Upcoming Events

Pipeline Reports

AP Digital Partner Hotel Portal

Opportunity leads


AP Digital provides an overview of new

opportunities, won and lost by value.

Opportunity overview

Provides reports and value on different segments; RFP, MICE, Leisure and Group.

  • Real-time sales appointments

  • Type of clients and activity

  • Purpose of the visit

  • Estimated value of the client

  • Outcome Reports and Next steps

Opportunity leads by client

This report will provide individual client details based on type, lead channel, estimated value, lead value and the status.

Upcoming Events

View all the upcoming events for the year. Online registration for key events.

Revenue Dashboard

Provide you real-time reporting on RFP submitted by hotel and AP targeted accounts. This includes step by step activity and approx. value of different RFP stages:

  • RFP under review by AP team

  • Submitted to client

  • Accepted for solicitation

  • Decline for solicitation

  • Declined by hotel

  • Accepted to the program and revenue value

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For Hoteliers Only

For Hoteliers Only

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