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With proper distribution channel your

business grows exponentially

Worldwide Distribution Solutions

Amistad Partners has selected Sabre Hospitality Solutions to provide complete distribution marketing and technology for its members. 

Make your sales team equipped with the right set of tools and services that helps them to engage in several opportunities and drive more business for your hotels.


At Amistad Partners, the suite of hotel sales management solutions is one-off a kind. We include a blend of industry-leading technologies and bespoke services. This acts a single marketplace for transient travel buyers as well as suppliers to associate and do business.

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Increase revenue with Sabre Hotel RFP + Consortia

You can drive greater ADR with agent-booked, GDS, and corporate transient business via Amistad Partners’ Business Travel Services


Increase Visibility

Enhance your visibility by joining hands with travel consortiums and other Travel Management Companies (TMCs). This would help you to get listed in each program’s directory and website, and you will have a unique rate access code through the GDS.

Increase Revenue

You can visibly see a hike in GDS revenue at a greater

ADR than that of GDS generated through the Internet.

Dedicated Support

You can easily pair up with the right clients and at the same time,

you can maintain strong relationships with the top consortia agents as well.

Programs Designed to Drive GDS and Corporate Transient Business

For any hotel or chain, the business traveler is said to be a valuable customer. This is because they produce a higher yield and ADR when compared to other channels. Business Travel Services (BT Services) offered by Sabre assists you in gaining new GDS and corporate business and also to grow your current footprint. You can gain easy access to all travel programs through a customizable suite of products and services, which are usually not available to independent hotels and small chains.

Standard Consortia Services

You can take part in nearly 30 consortia programs that are particularly designed to drive business to the GDS channel. Gain access to one-stop consortia that includes RFP processing, billing and submission, rate loading, basic auditing process, and expert guidance as well to boost your investment.

Sabre Hotel RFP Competitive Bids


Get your revenue boosted with exclusive and pre-qualified business opportunities. You can gain centralized access to all of the qualified opportunities – from corporate travel buyers who represent 2,500+ of the most traveled companies across the world. You cannot find these business opportunities elsewhere because they are exclusively provided from Sabre's corporate customers

Hotel RFP Chain Portal

With centralized prospecting and consolidated RFP management for all your chain of hotel properties, you can acquire more and more corporate business opportunities. Gain chain-level visibility of all exclusive and pre-qualified corporate opportunities that are available to your properties. With the help of a single, integrated portal, you can easily review, manage, and respond to all your opportunities.


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