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To change the traditional way that an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way

About us

“Amistad” means friendship in Spanish

and our name truly reflects our driving ethos: to form a good friendship and a close working partnership with our clients.

The genesis for Amistad came from a consensus by our entire team that independent hotel groups are not currently being well-represented by the larger representation companies in the market and that these hotels deserve a better, more tailored client service than what they are receiving.

We’re not the biggest representation company you will find, but after working with us, you will agree that we are the best.

What makes us unique is rooted

in three fundamental things:


A genuine desire to see independent hotels flourish and thrive


An unrelenting focus on delivering transparency and value


A highly-experienced, resourceful and passionate global team

We don’t hold back any trade secrets from our clients and keep our approach straight-forward, actionable and results-focused. 

Our formula for helping our clients grow, strengthen and sustain their business is:

Your Business Goals


Our Industry Experts


Real Time Analytics and CRM = SUCCESS

Why Amistad Partners

Sales & Marketing

A bespoke consultancy offering sales, marketing and financial analysis as well as a range of other support services through AP Gigs.

Global Sales Team

An extension of your current team, working side by side. Network of regional industry experts based in key destinations around the world.

Accountability & Transparency

Complete accountability and transparency through a real-time analytics and CRM platform (AP Digital) that shows you all of AP’s activities on your behalf via a portal or mobile app.

Reporting Tool

Robust reporting and complete access to real-time data via AP Digital

so that you have access to everything we can see.

What sets us apart


and accountability

We deliver real time reporting, providing full transparency and unrivalled accountability.


and integrity

You are more than a client,

you are a partner.



We strive to really understand your business. With this knowledge we will make every day extraordinary.


Sustainable and profitable sales and marketing solutions

Our tailor-made approach to address the needs of each client ensures that each of the AP sales team works very closely with our hotel partner’s team.


Creating and enhancing new and current revenue streams

We adopt a highly commercial and pragmatic approach to advising our clients on their individual requirements.

Ensuring our partners best interest is the cornerstone of all our activities

Our strong client relationships with key decision makers across all market segments expose our partners to establish direct communication.


Meet the team

You won’t find a more passionate, focused and hard-working team in the hotel representation industry. From London and Cologne to Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Los Angeles, we’ve got you covered.


You can get in touch with one of our team members directly or reach us at



Edward Beale

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Managing Director

Beate Christeleit

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Financial Director

Tony Jones

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