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Our approach is to find and partner with the best hotel

industry experts in the markets our clients operate in.

Intrigued by Service


Intrigued by Service is a team of carefully selected specialist consultants married to the hospitality and wellness space in Africa. Together, we help property owners plot, plan and implement their dreams, each with their very own special twist. We eat, live and breathe service and are especially intrigued by hotels, restaurants, spas, tourism sites, event and meeting spaces. Having covered all areas of running successful hospitality and wellness businesses and recognizing the need for these services on our turf for other properties, our consultants decided to take it to the next level to show how intrigued we are, by service.


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Revenue Resolutions


Revenue Resolutions has more than a decade of Revenue Optimisation experience, having worked with several well-known hotel brands, we have a proven track record improving abilities to increase revenue generation through tried-and-tested revenue management practices. We specialise in revenue management knowledge and best practises, skills, tools and techniques to drive sustainable growth, increase profits, expand market share and improve efficiency.


We offer a full 360-degree revenue optimisation service that is data-driven and based on proven scientific models, from an in-depth needs and gabs analyses on existing practices to the implementation of a target-orientated strategic plan. We work with you to customise your revenue optimisation plan ensuring that you are using every opportunity available to grow your bottom line.


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The Muse Collection


The Muse Collection is a full-service agency offering a cutting edge and customized menu of services to please the most discerning clients. From bespoke sales representation, event planning, brand consulting and targeted marketing, we represent one of the most important global markets, North America.


Our team of expert professionals amasses over 40 years of combined experience in their respective fields. They have been carefully chosen for their self-motivation, industry relations, and commitment to success. We strive to understand your needs. We endeavour to achieve your vision and goals in complete harmony with your philosophy. We are your partners fully committed to your success.

The Hotels Consulting Company 


Created in 2012 by Hotel Owners in Switzerland, and EMEA, CIS and USA, THCC is, first and foremost, a community of hoteliers & decision makers, allowing its members to use a platform (The TOOLBOX by THCC) of independent experts/ advisors. THCC assists hoteliers and offers, externally, all the necessary services for owners offers, externally, all the necessary services for owners (Real Estate, Sales and Marketing, Food and Beverage, Accounting & Finance, HR, Operations, Mangment Contract and Yield management). in order to optimize their profitability and their GOP.


THCC have more than 800 hotel members. THCC is partner to some hotel collections such as Hotel de Charme et Caractere and the Globale Alliance of Private Hotels (1200 independent hotels members)

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The GuestBook

First & Only Cash Back Loyalty Program.


The Guestbook is a guest financial rewards network for independent & boutique brand hotels offering guests a choice of 5% Cash Back, a 5% Charitable Donation, or 10% Trip Cash on any reservation booked directly with the hotel or through our direct booking website.

Convert online travel agency guests to direct booking guests at a high ROI.

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Sabre - Booking Engine Partner


AP partnership with Sabre brings the latest booking engine technology integrated on to our Amistad Hotels website where AP partner hotels website will be promoted to both B2B and B2C. 

Sabre booking engine will allow our partner hotels to drive direct booking through our enhanced retail focus user interface. 

GSA Hospitality


GSA Hospitality is a team of industry professionals with over 30 years of experience. We skilfully and proficiently deliver flexible Sales & Marketing representation of International Hotels and Tourism Organisations targeting Australian & New Zealand businesses. We also provide innovation in Sales & Marketing strategies and detailed activity and tactical plans across both the digital distribution and traditional sales channels. This is to ensure and maximise performance optimisation, top-end revenue generation and growth in market share and occupancy. 

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Velocity Black


Talking to Velocity Black is the fastest, most convenient, advanced way to get the most out of life. Get recommendations, book travel, dining, concerts, or trips to fly fighter jets or swim with orca whales. From Coachella to Burning Man. From Rwandan Gorilla Treks to The Northern Lights. Everything is tailored to you, and your tastes. From the temperature in your hotel room to your favourite seat. You’ll never need to pull out a card, or spell your name out. No more phone calls, or hold music. Just living and maximising every minute of your life. On your phone, in your car, on your watch. 24/7/365. 

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Ctrip International, Ltd. (doing business as Ctrip) is a Chinese provider of travel services including accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management. Founded in 1999, it is currently the largest online travel agency in China. Amistad Partners have partnered with Ctrip to generate additional sales opportunities from China for partner hotels.

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