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Amistad Partners: A bold vision for independent hotel representation

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Amistad Partners: A bold vision for independent hotel representation

“We don’t aspire to the biggest, we aspire to be the best”

As its chairman, I am incredibly excited today to announce the launch of Amistad Partners, a bold, new hotel representation company that will deliver sales and marketing services to and be the voice for independent hotel groups.

“Amistad” means friendship in Spanish and our name truly reflects our driving ethos: to form a good friendship and a close working partnership with our clients. We see ourselves as joint partners with our clients in helping them use current technological and marketing solutions, as well as keeping on the lookout for future solutions, to get their offering out to the market.

The genesis for Amistad came from a consensus by our entire team that independent hotel groups are not currently being well-represented by the larger representation companies in the market and that these groups deserve a better, more tailored client service than what they are receiving.

With that in mind, I believe our core strengths and what makes us unique is rooted in three fundamental things: a genuine desire to celebrate the individuality that drives independent hotels, a commitment to delivering transparency and value, and a highly-experienced and passionate global team.

Traditionally, independent hotel groups have had a more challenging time reaching their target clients whilst competing with the much larger budgets and marketing and sales resources of bigger, mainstream hotel chains. But over the last decade, corporate and leisure travellers are coming to appreciate the uniqueness of boutique hotels, from unusual locations and histories to memorable experiences and the feeling travellers have of discovering a hidden gem. These travellers don’t want to stay in large, corporate, generic-feeling hotels. We believe that independent hotels have so much to offer all types of travellers and are enthused about championing them.

A critical problem in the wider hotel representation offering is the lack of openness and transparency in reporting. To address this, we have developed a bespoke customer relationship management tool that provides real-time insights into the success of the various marketing activities we are doing on behalf of our partners and what other opportunities are available to our partners to amplify their voice. The tool enables us to deliver consistent service and value to our partners, regardless of the number of hotels in their portfolio. The tool also ensures that our team creates, implements and continues to improve on tailored marketing activities that address the needs and goals of each hotel partner, rather than a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

What I was impressed by initially and what I continue to be in awe of on a daily basis is the inspiring, hard-working, client-centric, global team that we have assembled. In fact, it’s the most-qualified team in the industry and I don’t think I’m being biased when I say that! Our team members are multi-lingual, have been in the industry for many years, are full of energy and passion, and have on-the-ground experience in some of the hottest markets globally, including the US, Latam, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. I’m also incredibly proud of the diversity represented by the team.

We are fortunate to be working with some of the best hotel partners in the game. Our goal isn’t to become the biggest, but rather to be the best. We welcome the opportunity to get to know partners who are looking for something different, something collaborative, something more from their hotel representation company.

To be a part of an exclusive partnership please contact us at

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