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Amistad Partners and The Hotels Consulting Company strike up strategic partnership

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Amistad Partners and The Hotels Consulting Company strike up strategic partnership - Amistad Partners Press Release Nov18

London, UK, 26th November 2018

Amistad Partners (AP) and THCC (First International Community& Platform of Independent Hotels Owners and Decision Makers), which has offices in Paris, Geneva and London, have entered into a partnership to offer additional representational opportunities to members of THCC. With offices dotted across London, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Cologne, Cyprus, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Delhi and representing some of the most prestigious and well-known independent hotels worldwide, Amistad Partners are experts in delivering hotel sales, marketing, distribution, and revenue management solutions using technology to provide accountability and real-time data.

Amistad Partners prides itself on engaging with partners who are experts and specialists in the hotel industry, which means that clients get the tailored representation services they deserve. THCC shares this same vision of engaging with the right independent experts and advisors to provide its community of hoteliers and decision makers the best service and advice.

THCC is the first international community platform of hotels owners and decision makers which directly connects hotel decision makers, freelance consultants/experts (both specialists and generalists), and partners from the hospitality business, such as AP. THCC has 800 plus Hotel members around the World.

Rick Schultheis, VP of Sales and Hotel Development EMEA of Amistad Partners, has no doubt that this will be a great partnership for both Amistad Partners and The Hotels Consulting Company. “Through our joint network, AP offers The Hotels Consulting Company augmented international sales, marketing, and distribution capabilities as well as our high-in-demand revenue management support for their partner hotels. At the same time, having worked with more than 900 hotels, The Hotels Consulting Company will certainly enhance Amistad Partners’ bespoke approach to representation and consulting services.”

mistad Partners and The Hotels Consulting Company New Partnership - Amistad Partners AP Voice

Additionally, Oliver Steuermann, hotelier and CEO of THCC, said, “I am confident that this partnership will bring forth considerable commercial strike power and productive benefits. THCC’s core objective is to support clients in optimising financial results and profitability through flexible external interventions, guaranteeing a result by integrating the latest technologies. We are the first platform that is designed to empower hoteliers and assist on all the operational and managerial needs of independent hotels. AP’s investment in AP Digital, a state-of-the-art technology system that provides real-time reporting, data analytics, and statistics, and its strong ethos of working in a commercial, pragmatic, flexible and transparent way with clients highlights our common approach and our aligned thinking. We work and present opportunities of more than 70 tech partners to our hotels members”

About Amistad Partners

Amistad Hotels Partners (AP) is a digitally focused start-up hotel representation company that offers global representation in all segments, coupled with bespoke consultancy via our AP Gigs channel. AP focuses on driving incremental revenue, establishing relationships in key geographic locations, delivering on client expectation and stimulating global awareness of client brands. Amistad Partners’ commitment to accountability and transparency is delivered by AP Digital. AP Digital is a multi-faceted web and app technology that offers CRM, a client portal, an agent portal, a professional services automation platform, a contract manager and a virtual assistant. Every AP engagement is measured in microscopic detail to gauge the effectiveness of delivery and the efficiency of the dedicated team.

About THCC

Created in 2012 by Hotel Owners in Switzerland, and EMEA, CIS and USA, THCC is, first and foremost, a community of hoteliers & decision makers, allowing its members to use a platform (The TOOLBOX by THCC) of independent experts/advisors. THCC assists hoteliers and offers, externally, all the necessary services for owners (Real Estate, Sales and Marketing, Food and Beverage, Accounting & Finance, HR, Operations, Management Contract and Yield management), in order to optimize their profitability and their GOP.

THCC have more than 800 hotel members. THCC is partner to some hotel collections such as Hotels de Charme et Caractère and the Globale Alliance of Private Hotels (1200 independent hotels members)

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